After watching this film, it's definitely clear that this is not your typical "Missionary Film." It's an experimental idea for the purpose it has in the Fehrman Family's Ministry. Yes they are a very creative family and wanted that to be reflected in their video...but it’s really meant to inspire others and cast vision more than update or promote themselves. The story behind the film, in my opinion, is even more compelling than the film itself. Here's how it all happened:

For the first time in my career I was given the opportunity to really dive into the creative process with a missionary...and see our ideas and dreams actually become a reality. What started as a Prophetic Word (Poem) text message, written by Cindy Fehrman...turned into an Instagram Pic Frame...which turned into a [Creative Proposal "Pitch" Film] (pw: fire+ice) using various Iceland videos on Vimeo.

Nathan Fehrman and I flew to Iceland where he will soon be a missionary with his family, to get a lay of the land capture what God is doing in the country. Like I said before this project was birthed out of a place of Prayer and hearing from God...and this continued throughout the trip. We were praying everyday, and constantly listening for the voice of God everyday when we went out to film. Through countless hours driving through rough terrain, endless highways or gear malfunction [Iceland Gear Blog Post]...together, with God, we created something special.

For our editing software junkies we used Final Cut Pro X to clip/favorite, colored in Final Cut Pro X also, then added grain in Adobe Premiere using Film Convert 2. Super thankful for Sam Pierce working point on this edit as our Senior Editor for this project [@TSamPierce].

The footage consisted of GoPro Hero 4 Aerials shot on DJI's Phantom 2 and GH4 24fps 4K and 96fps 1080p footage. We also rented a Movi can read more about it on the Gear Blog Post above ^. 

Nathan and Cindy could tell you more about their current missions experience and the vision God has placed in their hearts on [Their Awesome Blog]...but one thing is for certain, Iceland is a dark place and their is a great need for the Light of God to be Awakened in the hearts of those who believe, and those yet to believe. Films like this, I believe, are the future of Missionary Films. Yes this was a High Production video which required several months of planning and creating. But the end product speaks for itself...if you want to inspire people to partner with you or make a creative case for support, you have to be willing to invest the time, effort and prayer to do that.