"A Deep Glimpse into Being Excellent"     

The precipice of excellence is the balance beam we walk on in our daily lives, and what we cling to as our security blanket, and what brings us comfort the most is often times what we define ourselves by. Excellence is often masked with perfection, the striving that makes the burden heavy and the yoke unbearable. We alone as human beings, as empty boxes or vessels cannot ever be perfect unless the one who is perfect, the spotless lamb who is our sacrifice and who is the propitiation for our sins lives inside of you and me. In Colossians 1:28 “(Christ) we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus”, the keyword is IN, as we have nothing without Him. We are creatures of habit and while perfection cannot be met you will meet someone who swears they get close enough to define themselves by it. As humans we feel the need, I would venture to say even desire to feel like we have achieved something at any cost. From the smallest of child to the oldest of adults. I believe that by misunderstanding our identities we can overlook what God as our Father, and as our Savior says about what we are to do with the time given to us. Time is wrapped up into our being just as our hair color and decision on what ice cream we like most is. If it wasn’t then why chose the moment in time God did to create everything that we know? You could argue that there wasn’t a specific moment in time because God operates outside of the aspect of time or even that God is the creator of time but I challenge you to look at the beginning one more time Genesis 1:1 “ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….”  While beginning to us often seems the start of something, in the original language of Hebrew it takes on a whole new meaning, Reshith or the phonetic spelling (ray-sheeth’) takes on the meaning of chief as in the order or rank. That specific moment in time was for a very specific reason because the creator who is first in rank desired for us as His children to operate in the time that was set before Him as He hovered over the deep. Time, perfection, and excellence are all wrapped into the desire to achieve that which we cannot achieve without Him. 

     Jesus walked this earth with the power to create life inside of Him. Now think about the capability inside of us? We define excellence today based off the weather. Meaning it changes constantly and you can drown in expectation if you’re not careful. Wisdom is the ability to see choice and decide we better not. In Ministry today we see the pastor struggling to find the right message, the missionary completely missing the point, the elder forgetting the money isn’t his, the bishop and the ability to say no to his temptations. We can lose ourselves inside the idea of religion that says we can either love or hate and be moved passionately for people or be lost in the struggle of want and need. The realization comes with the halting of striving. 

     Today we have a choice of putting away our desire for what we want and choosing to pick up what HE wants which is far better for us. It is an activation of faith, a walk that will test everything we are. While for me in my life excellence looks like choosing to remain positive in less than fortunate work situations, and giving glory to God in all no matter what. It can look to someone else like choosing to be a better father, or mother. While we do not define excellence, we are handed the keys to the ignition, and the vehicle can either go forward, or backwards depending on our outlook and mindset. Dependency and clarity is what will bring into focus that desire inside of us. Excellence was, is, and will always be Jesus’ example and remembering this should be our encouragement. If we forget and stumble into the worlds’ view on excellence we will find ourselves shoved a rubics cube that goes unsolved until Jesus steps in and shows us the answer lies in the colors, not the movements or directions. He shows and gives us what we need. Choice defines us but the inability to realize our decision not to choose defines us as well. Excellence is what we will be wary of just as a sailor is weary of the ocean until he learns to swim and adds the anchor to the boat. As he is tethered to the sea, we also must be tethered to the author of the universe. Beloved we are stuck in a war of spirit that is leaving people undefined. Left is right, up is down, straight doesn’t look so narrow, and the easier choice is now not even close to being right. Do not be fearful of inaction. Wisdom is not being still out of necessity, it is listening to the small still voice, the one that calls out into the deepest places of our hearts, of our souls. Excellence is found in the strongholds that are broken and the lives that are saved. Freedom to express and the freedom to love out of a place that we are loved. Excellence is knowing that we sit upon a grace so beautiful, and a love so deep. 

     Psalm 112:1-3: “Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches will be in his house, and his righteousness endures forever.”

     The anthem of our heart must be humility to lay our life down for our enemies, and to have the purity to stand in the face of idols and call love down. That is excellence. Choosing Yes to God and No to Disbelief. Yes to spirit and no to soul. Yes to freedom and no to bondage. The keys to our life have been won, our destination is known. The victory is ours. So move, with a steadfast haste into the vastness of peace that surpasses all understanding. In it we do not define ourselves by an immeasurable perfection, but by an excellence called down from Jesus himself. 

Written by: Tyler Rouse