John and Kelli Williford approached Nick to produce a video for them over the winter and in the process, realized they wanted a full re-branding and new printed materials for their itineration. Their older prayer cards and materials were fine, but they were welcoming a new baby into their family and wanted new products to reflect that. This is the first full branding package that I have done for Cadre 31 and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

The first thing I tend to do when approaching a multi-format project like this is to find a color palette and then a logo/badge/identifying graphic. For the Willifords, I put together this logo.

The background is not part of the image, it's is only present to show the transparency of certain parts of the image. I like to keep color palettes to three or four colors at the most to keep from muddying the overall image and also to potentially help with printing costs, both on the front end for Cadre 31 and then later on if the client has more printed.

As far as the design goes, once I realized that I have no idea where on the planet the Philippines actually are, I wanted to incorporate a map of the country somewhere into the design. I settled on making it a sort of masthead, also the red helps the smaller islands (there are many of them) pop a little better. I also wanted to make sure that this graphic would be recognizable at the massive scale differences we would be printing to, from the 6'x3' banner header to the nearly 1" scale of the prayer card logo. Obviously at smaller sizes the small text gets more difficult to read, but the general messages stays the same.

Once they had their baby, a new photo was taken and sent along and the real work began. Unfortunately, the photo was a bit of a mess: it was very noisy and the background was difficult to remove. Luckily for my straining eyesight, they weren't very happy with it either and soon sent a new photo that everyone was happy with and better represented their family.

We did the full package for them, including prayer cards, a banner, thank you/note cards, and something a little different: a trifold brochure. Their specific ministry is best described using lots of words to explain how wide the impact is, and they were kind enough to provide us with a very specific direction for the brochure while giving total creative freedom.

It was a lot of fun to do a complete package. Having created all the elements on the front end gave me the freedom to spend time creating a layout that worked for each piece.