In August of 2014, we were approached by Latin American Caribbean (LAC) to create a "Rebrand Promo Video." LAC had just undergone a massive rebranding with a new logo, website and a very powerful story. We were connected through a mutual friend and missionary, Joil Marbut, who has been very vocal about our work. Joil shared one of our smaller films shot for Full Life Assembly of God at a LAC Conference in Ecuador...some directors saw it and the rest is history.

Working with their team was a blast! They were very open minded to the creative process and were ready to move forward as soon as possible. Cadre 31 has been to numerous countries in Latin America and we have kept a massive stockpile of beautiful footage of people groups from all over. 


Those were our three keywords. Seeing the unsaved and unreached brought into the kingdom is the focus that combines these three that's what we went with. We wanted to show the big cities, the jungles villages and the unreached people of Latin America.

Not only did we create a video, we also designed new Lower Thirds and Side Thirds for their new Missions Update Videos. 

The message: WE ARE LEADING, ADVANCING and COLLABORATING to see the Gospel reaching ALL of LATIN AMERICA CARIBBEAN. Capturing the heart behind who LAC is reaching was the key to our success in creating this stellar pieces.