Through their nearly two decades of ministry in Ecuador, Joil & Leah Marbut continue to push the borders of the Gospel deeper and deeper into the Amazon basin. They are taking the gospel of Jesus to Ecuador through jungle treks to remote villages, pastoral training, vacation bible school, preventing child abuse and much more.

The Marbut's not only preach and teach, but they also run a girls home that houses girls that would otherwise be in sexually abusive environments. These girls go to school and participate in ministry with the Marbut Family.

People across the state of Alabama have raised funds for a new vehicle to further Joil and Leah’s work though Speed the Light, a ministry of the Assemblies of God. This new vehicle will allow the Marbuts to serve more people across the country and more easily access hard to reach areas. The blessings and support of stateside believers continue to spread the Gospel to unreached people groups, even in the depths of the Amazon.

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