When we filmed this past year at a Missionary Conference in Springfield, MO there were over 30 Missionary films created. They all had a very similar feel and goal, which was to introduce their audience and potential supporters to their mission and family. The style of these films are incredibly effective in their specific use but we tried something new with these two new Missionary Films:


In both of these videos, the goal was to inspire the audience to step out of their comfort zone and begin to walk out the Great Commission. We did this by crafting the call to action around a Story...the Missionaries Story. The story was not doctored up to be this emotional push or tug on heartstrings, but it was a story being told authentically and with purpose. Their Stories alone were more effective than any other marketing video being used because people connect most with a Real Story.


If you can inspire people to support you AND walk in the calling God has place on them IN ONE VIDEO...I see that as a HUGE WIN for the Kingdom of God and for your ministry.