We create quality video that authentically shares your story with the world.

We get compliments on our video every time we show it! One pastor of a very thriving church said it is the best missions video he has ever seen!
— Bill + Cindy Saak :: Missionaries to Costa Rica
A Pastor asked ‘is your video good?’ We said... ‘Absolutely... Just wait.’ He laughed and said ‘well you would be the only ones! That’s what they all say.’” ...He was blown away! What you are doing matters.
— Justin + Jessica Lattus :: Missionaries to South Africa
Cadre 31 has helped us to share our heart...People are more willing to support your ministry or project when they can see who you are and learn what you are about and Cadre 31 does just that.
— Sensitive Area Missionaries to India
In the four months after our video was completed, we saw a jump in financial partners at every level. I attribute much of this increase to the video they produced and made available to share in every format.
— Jason + Summer Wright :: Missionaries to Chile


We invest our time into developing a personal connection with you to uncover you heart for your ministry.

We are committed to full service filmmaking, design, and print that crafts your unique vision.

We help you target your audience and direct you to effective methods for sharing your story with the world.


why is video marketing important?

  1. Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 87%

  2. 65% of Audiences are visual learners

  3. Visual Data is Processed 60,000 times faster by the Brain than Text

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